Sarah Morton – Sarah Marie Communications

Telling fairytales in modern business

Modern marketing is about telling stories to capture the hearts and minds of our customers.

What are the components of a great story, and how can you get better at telling stories in your business?


Jonathan Crossfield

Why DJs make Better Content Marketers

How to get an audience into your ‘club’ and then get enough of them from the ‘dancefloor’ to the ‘bar’.


Marie Sornin – Fairfax Media

3 words to guarantee social media success

Power to the users is more relevant than ever before and this is what makes social media such a complex discipline to master.


Mahesh Enjeti – SAI Marketing Counsel

Marketing: Back to the Future

In this day and age swamped by a technology tsunami, the future of marketing lies in rediscovering its past


Rob Pyne – X or Y Decisions

How do turkeys get picked?

Ever wondered how on earth someone approved that awful marketing campaign? How do ideas get picked anyway? Could it be done better?


Ashley Ringrose – Soap Creative

Minority Report didn’t go far enough!

We all know the scene where Tom Cruise’s eyes are scanned and the ads are dynamically personalised for him.

The future is actually much more exciting than that.


Adam Noakes – Switched On Media

Stop the bullshit

Stop watching Mad Men and tweeting Mashable – just stop selling bullshit.

Marketing is changing, and it’s up to us to change how we operate.


Rolene Liebenberg – CSC Coaching and Sales Consultancy

What happens when the sales guys take over

Sales people are marketing’s last bastion of success. Marketing must take special care of how sales translate the 30,000 foot brand message into a 3 foot sales conversation that matters.


Andrew Clarke – The Monkeys

What we think we know (but don’t) about sponsorship

Constant media divergence is presenting brands with ever-changing challenges when it comes to communicating with their audience.

With more emphasis placed on our time spent away from the 9-5, it falls to Sponsorship as the dominant channel to connect brands and consumers.

The Monkeys

Daniel Dewar – Audio Design Studios

Location-based marketing and predictive analytics

Consumer reservation towards data and location sharing are relaxing.

Now the opportunity and infrastructure is here, marketers need to give consumers a reason to opt in.


Christian Bartens – Datalicious

Finding the marketing dollars that are wasted

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. John Wannake

How to attribute credit for sales conversions, back to the touch points involved. And save tons of money.


Ben Shipley – Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Forget content and write like it’s an 80′s sitcom

Content marketing is killing me, and what’s more it is killing itself

Slipping in brand messaging into quirky online exeriences fools no one, and if we keep doing it we’ll have less attention than ever before.


Mat Slavica

The Art of Digital Branding

The future of marketing is digital. The creation of an audience, that wants to hear your message, and evangelists that want to propagate it, is the new model.

You are unable to sit on the sidelines anymore, you have to play.

Shane Williamson – Mobile Monday Sydney

Mobile Marketing Magic

Mobile needs to be an integral part of a company’s Digital DNA, not an outsourced pet project.

We will address some mobile strategy principles so you can navigate the mobile ecosystem efficiently


Sara Shields – Banjo Advertising

How Jizziotherapy can save your agency

When people are happy, they work harder and generally are more motivated. And my guess is that just a little bit of clam jousting goes a long way.


Tim Buesing – Reactive

Can’t Touch This!

Move, slide your rump. Just for a minute let’s all do the bump, bump, bump, yeah (You can’t touch this)

Why our marketing and advertising has to be multi-sensory even in the online space.


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